All Gone

The clock keep on ticking
And it's hangingon death's wall
The clock keeps on ticking
For our earth to fall

Over exploitation
Of the sources of our earth
Mindless consuption
Which has started at our birth

Woods all gone
In a time to come
Needs to come
Stop them now

Spilling of water
Needless and real sad
Do you wanna have your beer
Brewed in an acid-bath? ?

Creeks all gone
In a time to come
Needs to come
Stop them now

Still the spilling goes on
Reason why it's going wrong? ?
Credulous sick mankind
The only animal which is blind

Just think of what you buy
And the garbage you throw away
'coz our species is to die
if we keep heading for this way

Clouds are gone
Now poison
Needs for none
Stop them now

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