Left Me With Nothin'

Work hard every day - because I've got to eat
And every day the politicians recline in the seat
Of the government corruption and the
Political waste The fruits of my labor
I never get to taste
Let the blood of the pigs run red down the Capital steps
Left me with nothin'
Politicians gettin' fat and I can't even pay my rent
Left me with nothin'
While the cold war wages on
In the houses of government
Civil servants sitting so high on the hog
While the rest of us are forced to fight for
Scraps like a dog
In the Cabinet right were they told us before
Why in this place do I feel like such a whore?
Let the blood of the pigs run red down the Capital steps
Cold war in the city states
Elected officials still get paid
For runnin' a system that doesn't have
Anything to do with them

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