Supremacy Of Failure

Mind intruder
Silent misunderstanding
See no hear no what I could know
Ignorent sadness
Selfish reality
Feel no fear no what I've done
Frequent process of aphaty
My dying resistance
Doesn't mean to love difference
Infirmities of old age hunger
Gravitate to horrifying withering
Talk fast
Fictional coming

From the dusk I'll ascend over agony
To tell the truth and nothing but the true lies
I've been sent from the dawn of supremacy
I'm the cradle of insomnia
The substance

Physical disorder obeys
Main draft of threatening power
Persuades the fact of beheading
Impudent nazarene
Lashing effect of murder
I slay without compassion

From the dusk

Supremacy of failure
Deep inside my soul

Anyhow I'll win
Just fill my requirements
Mode of action decays
Pestilence endangers depravity
Lysergic acid diethylamide
Make up withering fast
Uncanny fourteen
Mistake completed twice
Count slower your actual end
Supersede all activities
Sterilized staying power
Walk over
Stand point repealed

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