Even If

"Even If"?
--Amel Larrieux

Never thought I would
Find the words that could
Stand up through any weather
Something I could say
You could hear today
But stay with you forever

Just when I was losing my faith
And I was losing my way
It came to me as clear as day

Even if I wake up and find I'm alone
Cause the whole world's turned to stone
And my God says, "it's time I take you home"?
I'll be happy going knowing that I loved you

Innocent and mild
Must be heaven's child
Sent to make me believe
On my darkest night I have to smile
Then you breathe new life into me

Just when I was losing my faith
And losing my way
You came to me as clear as day


They'll be a time
When I'm gonna have to leave this sweet place behind
But baby before I go
I gotta make sure you know
About the joy that you bring to my life

(Chorus fade)

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