Giving Something Up

'76 when a man told his wife baby doll, sorry I can't stay
left with 5 kids she was forced to become superwoman
and go earn some pay
a college educated girl
washing dishes in a man's world
now what good is a degree
when you got mouths to feed

she is that girl maybe you know, maybe you've been,
maybe you are today
insert your year where the year is if to this story you can relate

givin' somethin' up
we always givin' something up
we are givin' something up
we always givin something up

'97 a mother has no choice but to go find work
and leave her kids alone
far from heaven so she's gone 5 days out the week
to bring a piece home
her man is off somewhere up some dress
bringin' her back some other woman's sickness
her baby girl is cryin', mama please,
when you're gone the neighbor's chasing me

around the world from Pakistan down to Soweto back to New York City
insert your year where the year is if to this story you can relate


givin', tryin', self-relying
feedin', teachin', always reachin'
dreamin', losin', being abused and
dyin', cryin', sacrificin'
hurtin', being told we're worthless
birthin', buried alive in the earth and
hopin', mendin' spirits broken
smilin' and somehow survivin'


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