Our Last Snow

And the rear lights of your car behind the trees they fade away
walking inside somnambular there goes a lovelorn castaway
Does It always have to be like this? I'll never know
Was it something that I said? You said: "I gotta go"
While leaving me back here with my memories and my tears
You won't reappear!
Staring at the telephone
Wondering if I'd try?
I never knew that nights could be that long
And still I hear your last good-bye
Strange people on the screen, they try to make me laugh
But everywhere I see your face
and the photograph on the wall says that you're gone
And I'm waiting for the sun keep dreaming on
No fire in the lighthouse to guide me tonight
Don't know it our planet's razed
torn apart by love's meteorite
I know I will lose you
How can I face another daylight?
And I know this could ring down the curtain to our last show
No second chance for Juliet and her Romeo
No applause, no ovations, no bravissimo
Please don't go

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