Planet Kyrah

Oh, you changed everything
Nothing's the same anymore
I see colours I've never seen before
I hear songs that make my heart sing with joy
You set my heart on fire like it never burned before
And I'm sure that up there in the sky
shine some new-born stars
that were not known until tonight

Can you hear me ground-control?
I think I'm lost in space
Do you hear me ground-control?
An unknown planet appears on my screen

Never thought I'd be an astronaut
Never thought I'd leave the Earth
Never thought I'd I'd fly so high
Break through the sky while you hold my in you embrace
And as the air starts getting thin
Your lips on mine, exchanging love's oxygen
And the last call they receive:
Our capsule vanishing somewhere behind

We can't hear you ground-control!
I think we're lost in space!
We can't hear you anymore!
An unknown planet appears on our screen

I'll meet you tonight
on Planet Kyrah!
I'll kiss you tonight
on Planet Kyrah!

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