And as I walked through the garden of love
I passed the gates of paradise and the gates of perdition:
Maybe the saddest experience of all is
that even the most wonderful and precious moments
don't last forever and appear like a dream
that faded much too soon when looking back
But both darkness and light are given to us
to make us prospect and grow:
like every living being needs the interplay
of daylight's sweet kiss and night's gentle embrace
And as darkness falls while I'm drifting away on the river of sadness,
the remembrance of love's golden sunlight is my only supply of logs
for the cold and lonely winter of the soul
This album is a tribute to a love that was so beautiful
as long as it lasted and so bitter when it ended:
hence both love's heavenly bliss as well as bereavement's
abysmal despair are to be found amongst these 10 songs;
songs that are like sears to me no w
But still the dream remains,
and yet my love has not withered nor have my songs faded away:
Though Moonshadow died in the devastation of declining Planet Kyrah
Sid survived - but for how much longer?
Goodnight - and may the Goddess bless you all!

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