Summer Snow

Unexpectedly you came back to see
if Ive been waiting, like I promised long before
youre shadow filled the room
the music changed its tune
when I saw you,
You were standing at the door
like summer snow

You were an unexpected sight
a blazing sun
you came shining in the night
when I really should've known
that you'd be coming home home
(whou whou whou whou )

I waited patiently
I found it hard to see,
if you would come but was was there such a lonely way
at times I thought u lied
or else you would have tried to let me know
that you were coming back today
like summer snow, it falls around me in the cold
i can hear the echoes of the morningnight has told
that i should know
that you would be coming homehome
( whou whou whou whou )

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