Carpe Deim

Never planned on all these mistakes
Always took it as it came with vengeance
Feeling that you felt was fake
As it takes control and takes you down relentless
Taking all that you know you feel
Another falicy brought attention
To all that you had laid to rest
But now it's got you thinking I don't care
Like I don't care?
Folding at the crucial point
Backing off when you could almost taste it
Close yet so far away
Now wondering what has slowed your pace
Its taking all you know that you feel
Fuck it all I'm starting over
These walls were meant to break
These days wont hesitate
Like I don't care?
This is the breaking point
We're like water and oil
Somethings just weren't meant to mix
Keep buried in the soil
Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today
If these are my last words
Let them be seize the day
Not time to freeze, not another word
Not another chance, no other day
Deep down inside you hear the screams
Can barley breathe and suffocate
Now taking it for what it's worth
Your hesitation leaves no patience
No time to freeze, not another word
No other chance
Here today
It's time to seize the day

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