Clicker Blues

Remember when
Online was where you hung the wash
And a megabyte was a really big nosh
And if it was a virus you got
You went to the doctor and got a shot, uhhh

Internet or interface
Download, upload, database
Pixel, shmixle, cyber speak
They may as well be speaking greek!

Once a floppy disk meant you had a bum back
A hack drove a ca
And a burgral was a mac
Modems, chat rooms, dos and dots
A mouse in your pad, that?s why we had cats

Nowadays you need a degree from mit
To operate your own tv
I used to find a channel quicker
When all you needed was one clicker
Listen, I don?t mean to bicker
But now my clicker has a clicker
And each new clicker makes me sicker
If I could only find a clicker
To turn all the clickers off!!!

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