Zombies walk and they do talk
But they don't pronounce well
They don't comb their hair in mirrors
And they really smell
Sometime, they come over
To my house now late at night
They sit there and they cry to me
That the world don't treat'm right
So we took them to the door
Cuz they couldn't see anymore
They were looking in the outdoor
For the things that they have missed
And the only thing we knew
As we started to look through
Is we think we like this world
And there is nothing, we might have missed
Zombies they can't tie their shoes
And they don't run real well
They love to play hide 'n seek
It was cool until they fell
Zombies aren't the worst thing man
That I have ever seen
They can not just figure out
Why the world thinks their so mean
Zombies aren't the worst thing
That could happen to this world
I just wish they wouldn't drink so much
Cuz they get all the girls
Sometimes they come over to my house
Now late at night
They sit there and they cry to me
That the world don't treat them right

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