The Architect

Open your eyes and see
A immoral society
Blind architects of the future
Lost in apathy
Close your eyes and be
A part of this society
Raise the social stake
Inflame the purgatory

The present image of our generation
Is painted in colors of degeneration
The present image of tomorrow´s generation is motionless
A change is needed for a alteration

Our motionless society
Is trapped in a void
In contradiction to reality
Resting intentions
Will create an era
Of poverty
Of grim uncertainty

Uncertainty is certain
If we insist on our high demand
Excessive present standards
Someday someone´s got to pay

Convenience and stagnation
Incompatible with tomorrow´s generation
Will betray us all
The shadow world
Our shadow world will burn

Uncertainty is certain
For another generation
Excessive present standards
Someday someone´s got to pay

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