No Way

Everyday I learn
Of a new direction that I must go in
And it's everyone's concern
Cause they all tell me on television
That I must find out before too long
That their way is right and my way is wrong
Cause I'm not the same I don't play the game
But I've got to listen
Or I won't fit in they say
Chorus: No way
When I look out my eyes
I see the things that I need to see
But I'm told they tell me lies
Cause we don't agree politically
And now I must find out before too long
That the money's right
And my color's wrong
As the morning news plays the biased blues
But they won't admit cause
It just won't fit on the page
Chorus: No way
And I've been listening to this crap
For so long without a say
Sing a different song
It don't mean it's wrong
Won't you listen here today
Chorus: No way

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