How Long

I'll set out one day
Maybe you will follow
Come what may,
Oh, a glass of fear to swallow
Got to get it over
If black and white were blind like in a dream
In a million years, maybe
Maybe we'll never know, no never
I want a chance to love whatever
(How Long)
How Long my brotherCan we turn away?
(Tell me How Long)
There's anger and bitterness here
-Can you tell me How Long?
No empathy
Like I'm supposed to feel some
Through misery
-Shut my eyes like the next one
Look for satisfaction
Only see the lines that hide my face
Never find a resolution
Locking the doors in fear together
Holding the pain inside forever
(Repeat Chorus)
(How Long)
How Long my brotherCan we turn away?
(Tell me How Long)
How can we see our way clear
-Can you tell me How Long

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