(feat Freekey Zekey & JR Writer)

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]

Rude and Cuban, Mexicana mmm, mean switch when she movin'
I be up in the Heights right in the mix of the fuedin'
I keep my toolo, cause I'm no foolo
Espano mas o menos but tu quiero culo
She said "Ooh you fresco" I said "Boo but I'm fresh though
Let's go, sexo, tu bece webo
How'd I pursue", said "She not in the mood"
I said "Not to be rude, ma I'm a popular dude"
"Oh the guy from the tube, who be rockin' them cubes"
We can rock in Moraco, there you can rock in the nude
Two seven a night, huh, she said (aye dios mio)
I got 'em there, I can't, well adios dear
Caught a fish in the sea, and I go fishin' god
I caught 50 thousand all on my fishin' rod

[Hook: Cam'ron]
(Aye dios, aye dios mio)
(Aye dios, aye dios mio)
Callette Callette Callette Ca-Callette

[Verse 2: JR Writer]

I know Dominicans with boats that get it off the coast
And pitch it all in boats from the milli or the post
They feelin' me the most cause when I'm pickin' up a key
The supplyer say "Callette" and gimme one for free
But I'm shinin' cause I'm grindin' hijo
Every diamond frio, the Montecito
The bitch'll say (aye dios mio)
Not from Reno, he pulled up in the drop with Tito
Watch me tiko I run outta roads, pop ya kleeco
I chop badeko, that's cooked crack you hood rat
Pushin' where you push at, you ain't even a good pack
That means your cook's wack, besides that doja I'm fly
That's what I tell 'em when I'm strollin' it by
I'm like, "Como tu estas? Donde tu va?
No need to get ya number, yo no voy a damma
Yo ma, I know that you shy, let's go and get high"
Next thing you know he strokin' her side and she's yelling out


[Verse 3: Freekey Zeekey]

Callette Callette ma
Que pasa con tu mi mama
I love it when they call me Big Freekey, Freekey
Mucho dinero ma, que celle de hiko mi pi
Papel cause I'm livin' la hotta, uh
A no tu play with them, no
Whole crew, matatan, pop a thong
Cop a charm, *** ***** **** now we get it on
Y mami, me webo, tu culo
Grande dame beco y chulo
Es loco tes va mocho, yes I'm loco
Junto llama baja pogo, yes
It's ya boy baby, whip and them toys baby
Whole clique or shady, pero es amor baby
Freek love to floss, I'm a boss, whippin' off
Hit me off, adios
Baya con dios


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