Day Dreaming (feat Tiffany)

Daydreamin and i'm thinkin' of you (4x)
Look at my mind, floating away
(Verse 1)
I know fuccin wit a crook is wack,
i lied, cheated, still took me back,
what i do, turn around and ask you to cook me crack,
boff my work wit a jerk to tell tha truth it hurts,
cause you even asked me to come thru to church,
what i do act second rate, i stole ten dollars outta da collection plate,
but i'm ready to change,
you got my heart cause you smart and tha sex is great,
and you hate rap, i like dat gurl,
I argued wit Kiesha, i ain't like dat gurl,
you jumped right out tha car to fight that gurl,
you beat her azz joint you ain't have to bite that gurl,
and my baby got tha best thighs and my wip she ain't neva gotta test drive,
coped dat or at 5, you paid attention when no one acknowleged me,
this is my public apologie, holla B!
Tiffany- hey baby lets get away, lets go somewhere aaaaahh,
baby can we
Cam'ron- we can get da drop top or come thru on tha bike, we can go
where you want, we can do what chu like tonite
Tiffany- Hey baby lets get away, lets go somewhere aaaaaah,
baby can we
Cam'ron- (where you wanna go), where italy, what siciliy, tell me gurl
disney world?
He tha kinda guy that'll say hey baby lets get away
lets go some place far, where i don't care
he's tha kinda guy that'll give it everything and trust ya heart,
share all of ya love, till death do ya part
I wanna be what he wants, when he wants it, wheneva he needs it
and when he's lonesome and feelin love starved i'll be there to feed him
lovin him a lil bit more each day, turn tha light when i hear him, say
(Repeat Chorus)
you help my work whe

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