Invertus Indica

I wish that I could smoke
The weed at the turning of the century
From what I have read, In early 19OO's
Immigrants would smoke,
Then go habitually insane
Resort to a life of crime or violent rapes
Assaulting police officers, in bordertowns
Extreme prejudism
From this rising plague
Infecting our youth,
Change will commend
Arrests were made,
Weed is slowly criminalized
State by state officials were terrified
Mostly minorities that smoked
Jazz musicians were being watched
Under section 2F
Possession without a prescription
Was made presumptive
Evidence of concealment
Drugs illegally imported
In violation of this act
And made possession a federal crime
Esta ya ledio las tres, exhilarating effects
Three inhalations of marijuana
The first puff
Induced feelings of well being,
The second provoked extreme elation,
Coupled with activity
The third was reputed
To make the smoker oblivious to danger
Developing superhuman strength
El Paso in 1914 characterized
A hot bed for marijuana fiends
Reportedly common
Not only among Mexicans,
But among Blacks, Prostitutes, Pimps,
And criminal class of Whites,
Meanwhile alcohol prohibition
Was a losing cause
Government paranoia was soon abound
Mafia propaganda was gaining ground
Through violence and bribery
Alcohol could be found
By 1921 an increase of marijuana
Was noted Cannabis Indica,
Which is Indian Hemp
From Hashish to Opium raise new fears
Cocaine in further demand
On July 15, 193O Harry Jacob Anslinger
Was appointed Acting Commisioner
Of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
Eager to fulfill his role as an evil crusader
Against t

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