War erupts again, in the Middle East,
Never seems to end, violence in the streets,
Smell the stench of death, vultures feast
Destruction will commence,
Saddam has gone insane for declaring jihad upon the United Nations,
This will surely be his demise,
He's developed biological weapons and ready to destroy in the name of Allah
Like the mustard gas he launched upon us during Desert Storm,
Arming a million citizens with guns preparing them to kill,
Warnings he will not heed, bombs will fly,
Destruction will commence, the messiah won't die
Obliterated Iraqis scorched in napalm flames, breathe the acidic carnage,
Overlooking heaps of flesh melting, believed he had the power to start a world war,
Unleashed his blessed famine, exposing us to gore
Asesinar la anti-christo, derrimar santo sangre,
Angilar todo su jotos, fumar mas mota
The world is at war, fight for our lives, death veers its face,
Struggle amongst the human race, desperate man falls in defeat,
Determined to kill as much as he can,
Brain washed fools enforce his master plan
We can't kill the devil, god is why so many died,
Religious wars claimed so many lives,
Mother nature has been raped by progress,
I fly my last mission and feel great remorse for these crimes against humanity
This is their way to bring peace

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