Can't Deny It

(Chamillionaire)you betta get gone,get warned,as soon as koopa performs the show is charmed,make ya take your charm back to the prom,hold up
Lizard be lovin you,ain't nobody touchin you,in a- bear cave wit a sausage
Like im untouchable,if i wuz aliterate and stuttered a little bit and had a real little dick,your woman would still be lovin it,you'd be the judge is
It yay? or nay?,iverson ain't on my screens when the answer displays,come
To the car and shake it,yo woman totally like it,but she's wearin my necklace,aygotta respect it,can be conceited my eagle,ain't big as my 22'slook under the skirt at the cleat and stare at the shoes,not scary im rude,when in an arrogant mood,in love wit my ben franks,but never marry a dude,you'd be even when imnot carrying food,if i'd battled myself at rap,i'd tie i never lose,i never get beat at rappin,quilted the heat they yappin,i'll give you my car title if you ever see it happen,freestyle ain't
Written,we the throwdest boys spittin,i wreck and drop the mic like "i know
This boy didn't",when you greet me it's wut it doay graduin is wut up,
Spanish say cayate and my trunk close and shut up,london bridge is fallin down,turn up my sound and **phlll**,blew a hole in the ground

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