Time For Me

Yesterdays over
But I'm feeling that it's not okay
You say you don't know her
But I'm hearin' its a different way
You know I always thought you loved me
"?Cause you told me it was so
Well I thought I knew the difference
Between hopes to lose
And lies and truths
But now I know they're all the same

I'm trying to pretend that this isn't real
I'm trying to comprehend how you make me feel
I ask myself is this what I really need
I'm begging on my knees cause you make me plead
Just figure it out
"?Cause time's a wastin' so quickly
But I'm tired of you
I need some time for me

Reachin' for the sunshine
In the corner of my cold dark room
Its there but won't be mine
So I guess I'll have to call back soon
So I tried to find the answers
To just what did I do wrong
But I came back empty handed
Cause I just can't win
I'm lost in sin
But now I know that nothings worth this

Repeat Chorus

I'm on the edge
I can't pretend
That I've got it figured out
You won't understand
It's not the end
But I'm tired why can't you see?
I'm tired of you; I need some time for me

Repeat Chorus

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