Night And Day

Like the beat, beat, beat of the tom tom
When the jungle shadows fall
Like the tick, tick, tock of the stately clock
as it stands against the wall
Like the drip, drip, drip of the raindrops
when a jungle shower is through
So a voice within me keeps repeating you, you, you
Night and day
You are the one
Only you beneath the moon
and under the sun
Whether near to me or far
It's no matter darling
where you are, I think of you
Night and day
Night and day
why is it so
that this hunger for you
follows wherever I go
In the roaring traffic's boom
In the silence of my lonely room
I think of you
Night and day
Night and day
under the hide of me
There's an oh, such a hungry
yearning burning inside of me
And it's torment won't ever be through
Till you let me spend my life
making love to you
Day and night
night and day
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