Air War

Bronze by gold heard the hoofrons,
Steelyringing imperthnthn thnthnthn

Chips, picking chips off rocky thumbnail, chips
Horrid! And gold flushed more

A husky fifenote blew
Blew Blue bloom is on the
Gold pinnacled hair
A jumping rose on satiny breasts of satin,
Rose of Castille

Trilling, trilling: I dolores
Peep! Who's in the peepofgold?
Tink cried to bronze in pity
And a call, pure, long and throbbing Longindying call

Decoy Soft word But look! The bright stars fade O rose! Notes
Chirruping answer Castille The morn is breaking
Jingle jingle jaunted jingling
Coin rang Clock clacked

Avowal Sonnez I could Rebound of garter Not leave thee
Smack La cloche! Thigh smack Avowal Warm Sweetheart,

When love absorbs War! War! The tympanum
A sail! A veil awave upon the waves
When first he saw Alice!
Full tup Full thro
Warbling Ah, lure! Alluring

Martha! Come!
Clapclop Clipclap Clappyclap
Goodgod henev erheard inall
A moonlight nightcall: far: far
I feel so sad P S So lonely blooming

The spiked and winding cold seahorn Have you the? Each and
For other plash and silent roar
Pearls: when she Liszt's rhapsodies Hissss