Rack Of Torment

Psychotic sadistic man,
obssessed with malevolence
maker of the macabre,
desires to see humans suffer

Kills as he pleases
with sinister, ghastly ways
Lunatic of society
tortures his victims so hideously


Strapped down and gagged
electrocution your fate
1000 watts to the
nervous system
black charred body remains

Peeling off burnt flesh
gouging out the eyes
guts the inner cavity
body parts are saved

Rack of torment
sick demented ways
Mentally deranged
killing the only way

Putrification, Disintegration,
Carrion of butchery
Unrelenting sickness
dementia in his brain
Neurotic to lunacy
perpetual gore
inhuman rapture

Stench of deteriorating bodies
decomposed and dead
Bloody stumps of flesh
maggot infested innards
Decapitated bodies
strewn dismembered corpses
about flesh hungry
cannibal victims for his meals

Haunting thoughts
of an actual person
Grotesque human behavior
but what motivates
Repulsive to the suffering
snapping and going berserk
Brutality and horror
but never feels remorse

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