Fallen For You

So many nights I lie alone
Wishing that you were on the phone
So I could tell you things
I never share with anyone
I never felt like this before
Wishing an' hoping, wanting more
And now my wits are lost
And you have conquered all my thoughts
So now I'm thinkin'
That I'd never fall in love
Cause you're the only one I'm dreaming of
With one look in your eyes
And one taste of your kiss
And suddenly I knew
I've fallen for you
There's nothin' I can say
Nothin' I can do
I've fallen for you
Oh baby
I've fallen for you
It's amazing the way you make me feel
I wonder if everything is real
My world is spinnin' round so fast
That I can barely speak
The way that you look the way you walk
There's something about the way you talk
It's as if your voice is
Like an angel calling out to me
And now I'm thinkin'
That I've finally fell in love
Cause you're the only one I'm dreaming of
Repeat chours

Repeat chorus x 2

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