Testo canzone di Duncan Sheik: Foreshadowing: Over And Out

Foreshadowing: Over And Out

Maybe I'll just whisper
Neither humble, neither proud
Listen if you care to
But I will not sing too loud
No, not tonight
Just before I'm over and out
I want to sing of better times
I want to sing of hope
But you've heard those empty promises
They sound like such a joke
So I stumble
So hard to say, so difficult
Sometimes I am not able
To separate my dreams from forced cliche
But more and more I hear it
I feel the spirit rise
The people here are talking 'bout
The oneness of all life
Maybe I will turn away
Maybe you will run
But it just may be a foreshadowing of what's to come
So anything can happen
I don't believe in fate
I won't try to convince you
'Cause it's getting kinda late
But there it is
Just before I'm over and out
My parting shot
Is just to say you hold the reins

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