Falling Down

"No brain is left but here I got one more nail!"
The master's final word,
when he created a 'hero' like you,
born to deride and to hurt

You don't try to find a reason why,
you don't have a brain
( - You don't wanna have a brain-)
You are just a masquerade, just a nice facade in a
snob parade I know( - you don't know-)

You don't have to wait, I'll be too late
when you meet to jump off the edge!
You don't have to wait, I'll be too late
when you meet to jump off the edge!

I'm not like you and I don't wanna be,
follow the times to a place you can't see!
Don't call in dourts what the fashion may bring,
and you'll be falling down

Hammer the nail into what you don't know,
keep on believing you're strong!
YOu got your pride and I got my peace,
there's no sense in proving you wrong

We will fight just to stand upright,
we are here to dare
( - we will fight, we are here to dare-)
Guts to sail against the stream,
to defend the dream, to do what we feel,
I know( - we will fight-)

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