Greetings! young girl drawing graffiti on the subway
walls I thought I'd offer you a sip of Zabov butwhat am
I reading? Would you prefer some Vov? You know, the
writing you wrote, you know, I like it a lot
You know, that little body of yours that was looking at me,
attracted my big body towards you, you, the one who
writes millions of graffiti on walls like A, TA, TVUMD
You are so attractive, you, the one who dreams about the
cute and chubby one in Take That, you're having your first
experiences with your Lady-Gillette shaver, that auto-
eroticism which revolves around the shower-head And
all at once, the chorus:
A, TA, TVUMDB by Elio And The Uptight Stories
Oh, A, TA, TVUMDB: we, the children of the absolute

Eh, you know, I like you more than ever, and because of
this I really love you

But I don't know if later I'll be able tu put up with it when
loving each other becomes routine,
and then there'll be a divorce,
and the children will be unhappy

No I'll go on dreaming about the cute and chubby one in
Take That

Who - don't say it - is missing - you can't - two holes in
his backside - it's not true and you know it - for him to be
the Top Cute and Chubby Guy, and then to go and live in

A, TA, TVUMDB by Elio And The Uptight Stories
Oh, A, TA, TVUMDB, we, two hearts and one big
marking pen (only it writes in white ink)
Just like Earth, Wind and Fire

Look at how the big pen writes - the big pen -,
Do you feel how the hot peppers scream: pam
Taste how "al dente" the maccaroni is
Smell that Japanese fake guru's Serin nerve gas

(Translator's note:- It is possible to interpret "TVUMDB"
as an abbreviation for: "Ti Voglio Un Mondo Di Bene", which
translates literally as "I Love You A World Of Good", which
in turn means, of course, "I Really Love You A Lot"