Crucified Towards Hell

Listen to the tears of anguish and pain of christian
Look on the subsoiling of the holy churches
The abyss of the dead coming to open
The horde of demons is wakin' up
And are leading the legions of hell
Crush this christian world in the name of satan
They've catched Jesus Christ to give him the last sentence

The command of bloody slaughter is given
Soldiers of hell prepare the nuclear vengeance
Jesus Christ crucified towards hell
His blood shall be offered to the mighty dark father

The ashes of the world
Are carried by the winds of mayhem
In torment, the hordes are devastating the holy land
Ineffable priests summons the creatures
Hunting you to your death
And Jesus Christ our prisoner
It is time for us to give him his last judgement

Jesus Christ bleed for hell crucified towards hell!!!

A front of the great sign of the pentagram
He has been strained, ruined, nailed
Dismembered in the name of SATAN

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