Fall Into Oblivion

Downward the shores we pass
Clouds bathed in sombre twilight
Dust beneath our dragging feet
The crumbled shapes of your image

Left behind the dream of a time
That is fading away tirelessly
And paralysed we are
The light of old aged stars

We kissed the girls, we drank the wine
So why the hell not die
We cried out our songs to indifferent ears
So why the hell not die

And fall into oblivion
And fall into oblivion

When it comes to the dying season
Will you stay right at our side
When we leave this place together
Through the glens of the afterlife

At the shores of the tranquil sea
Waves take the land tirelessly
Take our thoughts away
To the light of old aged stars

Still in my mind

Only among the stars there lies freedom
Only among the stars there is eternity
Only for one short moment our lives do last
Until the memories are wasted away from the shores out of our galaxy

And fall into oblivion
And fall into oblivion

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