A Mortal In Black

From a dark part of the land
Hear the soldiers ride
See the red blood in the sand
Laughter of their pride
Incredible tales of the warning
That is what they pray
You can not escape their calling
So listen what they say
The power from their might
Is the fear from their cries
The fallen whom they fight
Are the victims of their lies
Shadows from behind
They rise from an awful death
Glory in their veins rise
Get the crawling king's head
Sinful minds in disguise
Let the fog roll
Bestial dimensions in the air lies
Coming for the goat
A mortal in black
A mortal in black
A mortal in black
A mortal in black
Be sure, it is on their way
To the core they rot
It is our fucking endless day
Find illusion by god
A mortal in black
A mortal in black
A mortal in black
A mortal in black

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