Double X Minus

day by day my brain keeps telling me to 'let go'
move on, but my heart it seems to disagree
(wait for the end of tomorrow)
We're slow in thought and I'll slowly learn
To tell her bye
I'll slowly learn who I am
(Wait for the end of tomorrow)
When I'm gone will I be unknown
(No need to beg or borrow)
Something's wrong
Why this lack of rationale?
Once steady heartbeat is speeding up for me
Shattered between two forms
Mind and body
The skin and the spirit
Must re-attach, got to get me back
(Wait for the end of tomorrow)
Lay down and realize that your weakening mental
Is for real
(Wait for the end of tomorrow)
Lay down and realize that your bleeding wrists
Are for real
(No need to beg or borrow)
Cock backs the hammer and boom!
(No sorrow tomorrow, last day of our lives)
Just one chance

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