Sahara Night

Spirit of the sands
On vast and empty land
Where no one belongs
When the blue gets dark
At the failing light
Between moon and sun
In the desert fields
Fever's so high
Makes me want to shout
Sahara night
Listen to the wind
Bringing into your ears
Music from afar
You may hear the sounds
Of a tribal dance
Coming from the heights
In the desert fields
Fever's so high
Makes me wanna shout
Sahara night
And stars screen
The awful mystery of space
With its weight of fear
I now realise
The hold it has on me
I love to watch the sky
Smiling at the stars
Laying on the ground
Gentle is the breeze
Wish it never cease
Soothing my mind
In the desert fields
Fever so high
Makes me wanna shout
Sahara night
Oh, Sahara night
Makes me feel
Makes me feel
So right
Josep Monedero

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