Way Down Inside

when I was a boy, at the
cold blue lake
my daddy pulled out
a fish
I watched it flop and
started slowin down, til
it barely moved
I stood ten feet back
and stared
til it was
I felt it way down
I felt it way down
shook a pheasant from
a tree
when I saw that bird
come out
I knew the time had
come for me
she started movin for the
clear blue sky
I aimed quick, let the
bullet fly
I saw it goin right at
her, pass her by
as I watched bird
fly away
I dropped my gun and
I felt it way down
I felt it way down
we got a deer laid him
in his tracks
about fifteen mile form
the hunting shack
when we walked up, he
was still alive
I had to cut his throat with
my grandfather's knife
I slit his belly, his
gentle form
had to reach my hand
it was soft and
I pulled out his heart,
took a bite
as it went down my
I felt that animal
I felt it way down
I felt it way down

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