We Are The World

we are the world
we're all the same
if you're black or white
you got to play the game

we are the world
we're all the same
if you're black or white
we are still the same

the world yes yes the world is screaming
I am so scared of the things that I'm dreaming
oh my Lord I'm looking for protection
no hate no war I need no satisfaction
I wanna see the world full of peace
love and help is what I need
so come c'mon and sing these simple words
try to understand 'cause
we are the world

we are the world we are the same
if you're black or white red brown
we're still the same
live your short life as friends
fight against hunger
stop the violence
do what you wanna do
it's up to you
keep on going your way
try to find the truth
so keep this in your brain
we're all the same


oh yeah
runnin' like a church house mouse
the fire of peace
we addjust and won't pose
livin' together stayin' together what's the matter
with a little bit of whatever
got to get a little wiser
keep holding the faith
and protect the flames of the fire
what's it all about
hell we'll never know
don't make no difference
we all got to go
so I'm makin' my way
in the right direction
hopin' I make it
even don't ask questions
cause we all got to move in the right way
do it the right way
some do it the wrong way
what goes up just must come down
ridin' round and round like a merry go round
we are the world, we are the world, we are the world


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