I heard about the little rift you had last night
I could have told you that that boy was never Mr Right
If it were me I'd have given it to you without a fight
'Cause you've always been the one
You say right now you're not lookin' for another guy
Since the last one went off and left you high and dry
I understand we all need some time to cry
I just want to be around
When you finally settle down
If you'll be there someday girl
I wouldn't leave (hurt) you for the world
Could (Won't) you say you'
ll be there someday girl
You should know that if I had a say
I would never see you treated that way
I'd be lovin' I'd be faithful everyday, I would never let you fall
I know it hurt to give him back his ring
Sometimes love can be a painful thing
But I also know the happiness it brings, when you find that special one
If you let me I would be the world around your Sun
Could you be there someday girl
Would you give the thought a whirl
Won't you say you'll be there someday girl
I know that maybe now is too soon and you need some time alone
But when you're read to talk I'm as close as the phone
I know you're tired of bein' tossed around
And you don't need someone tryin' to pin you down
I just want to say I'll always be around, and I'll never let you down
Someday, someway, somehow,
I want your love but I'll be happy for now
Just to hear you say you'll keep me in mind
I'll be waiting for the time
When the clouds break and the sun begins to shine again

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