Behind The Mirrors

The mirrors, the mirrors
That hides the hideous
Me, the others
Banned and forbidden
From of your world
Alone and cold
Watching in silence
So close, still aeons away

Touch the surface, cold and smooth
You see me as I watch you

When you move, I move too,
But is this you or me who moves?
Who are you and who's the reflection?
Crush a crack, feel the connection
I am you and we will win
Crush the mirror Let me in!

A little crack is all it takes
Drop the mirror, let it fall
Because every time you smash a mirror,
I steal a little piece of your soul

The mirrors, the mirrors
That are between us
Me and you
Separated, delirious
You beholder,
Seeing We
Are watching, observing
You still when you are not
Touch the surface, cold and smooth
You see me as I touch you

The borderline between me and you
Is a vast prison for both of us two
And you know what you must do
To get us out of this celestial's zoo


Crush it, crack it, smash it to pieces
Of your sick, pathetic world
Little fragments of yourself and me
Flickering, see it twirl!

Destroy the pure, transparent shroud
Don't listen to your doubts
Let it break, smash it now
Let me in! Let me out!

The mirrors, the mirrors / are locked like doors
Me, alone / behind what's between us
Hidden, unseen / admired and adored
Aware, unknown / brinked with mistrust

Watch the mirror, broken and scarred
Seeing me as who you are
Your eyes are mine, and I look at your hand
and I see blood

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[The Mirror-song-lyric was finished the same day as we recorded it, and with it's rather experimental way of writing, it delivers a punch I never thought it would do As I wrote the lyric I wondered how short I could do each line I wanted every line to punch like the little freeze you get down your spine when you see a mirror that you didn't know was there, or suddenly see something strange in there, so i wrote: "The mirrors / The mirrors / That hides / The hideous / Me / The others / Banned! / Forbidden!"]

[I think mirrors are one of the most spooky things in my house, and I never stop being fascinated by them Horror movies like Poltergeist 3 and the Changeling was good inspiration and hard fuel for a spooky boost I think the song has quite some good punchlines, and really enjoyed working them out]
[- Narrenschiff]

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