Longboats have been sighted,
the evidence of war has begun,
Many Nordic fighting men,
their swords and shields all gleam in the sun
Call to arms defend yourselves,
get ready to stand and fight for your lives,
Judgement day has come around,
so be prepared don't run stand your ground

They're coming in from the sea,
They've come the enemy
Beneath the blazing sun,
The battle has to be won

Set ablaze the camp fires,
alert the other men from inland
Warning must be given,
there's not enough men for a stand
The Vikings are too many,
too powerful to take on our own
We must have reinforcements,
we cannot fight this battle alone

They're coming over the hill,
They've come to attack
They're coming in for the kill,
There's no turning back

Axes grind and maces clash,
as wounded fighters fall to the ground
Severed limbs and fatal woundings,
bloody corpses lay all around
The smell of death and burning flesh,
the battle weary fight to the end
The Saxons have been overpowered,
victims of the mighty Norsemen

You'd better scatter and run
The battle's lost and not won
You'd better get away,
To fight another day

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