I believe in desperate acts The kind that make me look stupid Look like a
fool Just keep reinventing myself It's move or die I change my form These
days the people I love are spread so far apart All out of reach It's a thin
sheet across the face Cover me now That's pretty old I never felt like this
before I say that every hour It's never going to be like it could have been
Now it's just this room Windows look back You're a big part of it But I
don't care You take the lead And can you really see me now like I made me?
Made me anew Just like anyone at all Safer alone So right, so wrong
Another winter's coming on You win, you lose It's the same old news These
things go wrong so often Pick up the phone and punch your code Somewhere,
sometime let me make you mine Lean your head on mine like you used to Used
to your lean I don't mind if you're faking it Make it sem real I'm not
asking the questions I'm not demanding the answers now Take what you give
Right or wrong, just take me, lead me on I'm going

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