Morning Starship

Who was that sneaking up the stairs
Taking a hairpin from her hair
A vision of the locks fallin' down
Crossed my mind and played with the sound
Of tapping gentle tapping at my morning starship

The crystal glint of the turning glass
The creaking sound of the rusted latch
As she slowly opened the door
The darkness told me nothing more
Except, except that she was near my morning starship

She stood within the threshold silently
A ray of moonlight caught her eye
Without a word she said, "Could I come in?"
I said why not you're in already
You might as well stay awhile

She made her way across the room
A ray of moonlight caught her eye
The perfect head framed in silver blue
Found its way to mine and then I knew
The girl the girl the girl had flown my morning starship

She's gone away what can I do
She took the key she's got the clue
Mysteries unfold with the latch
What she knows I'll never forget
The girl the girl the girl has flown my morning starship
She's travelled with me now in my morning starship

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