Take Me Im Yours

I'd do anything for you or to you
I'm a fool for you dear fantasy
I would love you to use me, amuse me
I'm chained to your insanity
Any day you could buy me or tie me up
A slave to your perversity
Refuse me diffuse me
To the corners of the galaxy

Take me I'm yours
Take me take me I'm yours
Take me I'm yours
Take me I'm yours

Baby you just amaze me and daze me
You're the blind spot in my consciousness
C'mon and forsake me and break me
And drink the blood of my obsessiveness
Make me cry out and die out
Of love for this world's fallacy
Refuse me diffuse me
To the corners of the galaxy
Take it out on me baby, I'm ready
For your troubles I'm expedient
You're the master, c'mon faster
To your nature I'm obedient
Take your torch and burn me and turn me over
And over in your dreams of Godliness
And if you think of me ever, just remember
I did it all for your eternal rest

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