Quiet Town

I know somewhere there is a party going down
Interesting people; conversation to be found
I've lived in cities where there is no solid tune, made some friends there that I hope I'll never lose
But, for now, I want to stay in this quiet town
The neighbors on my block, they've got stories to tell
"This is the grocery who once was a hotel"
"And Mr Driscoll, he just stands there with his smile, inviting everyone he sees to come inside"
This is the life I want to live in a quiet town
OoO, sometimes I miss the shows I loved a long time ago
OoO, sometimes I miss the shows I loved a long time ago
Come Sunday morning there's a market on the square
Children are playing, bells are ringing in the air
Old men are drinking, it's a lazy afternoon; content with thinking that there is nothing to do
So for now, I'm gonna stay in this quiet town
In this quiet town
In this quiet town

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