The Hard Way

What's up Quinn?
(San Quinn)
Ah what's up mane?
Back up in the house you got your boy Rack Skerz posted as usual
(Rack Skerz)
What's up JT mane? Tell these mothafuckas what's goin down on this
filthy side of town
(San Quinn)


Back up in this game our dope is faulty
These niggas actin shady got they pistols in they pockets
But these fools don't wanna play me they be
I been thinkin about this game that I'm spittin
Got homies on the block that pack they choppers and put their hands up
in them leather minis
They won't hesitate to squeeze the trigger
They lay you out on the ground and go into your pockets then they take
your figures
Aggrivated aggression they niggas smoke with the sesses (?) with Philly
blunts Garcia Vegas and them Smith-N-Wessons
Packin Tech-Nines these niggas actin fine then they snappin
Can't trust no Fillmoe niggas in the middle of the night then they
Gotta get away and I betcha they'll sweat ya
They'll get to the spot and grab they choppers and drive around until
they catch ya
And then they buckin and blastin and fools be mashin and dashin
Paper shortage on the block so fools be actin scandalous
Comin up in this game these fools be faulty it's pitiful
Keep your game to a minimal this shit is critical
The intro


Ha, ha, ha, ha
You mothafuckas thought I sold my soul fool!
We still independent in this mothafucka
Get Low Records, Ro-Rack Records and Straight Out the Labb
Takin it nationwide, worldwide, and we gonna strive you know what I'm
It's goin down baby boy!
Eh, Enhancer, let em hear that OG shit man that's real!

A young player from the Get Low
Cuz I'm comin game tight outta Fillmoe
A young player from the Get Low on the intro on the intro
Cuz I'm comin game tight on a daily basis
From the Fillmoe town where they try to take this
Game from the gamer but they can't cuz that's how the shit go mane
A young player from the Get Low
Cuz I'm comin game tight outta Fillmoe
A young player from the Get Low on the intro on the intro

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