A Raindance Narrative

Falling apart
I'm calling you out
A pattern we've learned to live with so far
Defenses are up
The truth is not found
Watching you grow is bringing me down
I'm killing in the rain
I'm living with your expectations
Tell me everything you'd like to say
I need a holiday for all the days I waste away
I'd like to pay a visit to the house
Illegible threats
The paper has bled
I'm writing it down again
Surprises are nice when secrets are told
Convictions with lies
It's all very cold
The letter was found
I've given to you ground breaking sound
A picture so clear
A fragrance that I've now come to fear
You're in tears
I wanted to know
Did you kill your opportunity?
You're so low on everyone's list
The time has come for you to make a change
It's for the best

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