Way Out

I've been thinkin about the day
When you said that I should stay, but I'm walkin' away
Well I like stories and I like you, and you know it's kinda right
You know we learn from our mistakes

Well it's alright and it's okay, don't care where my life's again
Don't know that time has wasted
Don't wanna ever take it, don't wanna ever break it
We're gonna make it after all

When I see your face and say, should've had that yesterday
Like work with no pay
But now that I'm coming back don't think the things I lacked
Don't hit the sack, it's two months with no real play
All the feelings that I delayed, you know you're no one's prey

You had a chance to be my girl
And you decided you should walk away
You came crawling back to me
I guess we'll see how it will be

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