I know,one time, i wentaway from you
i don't know to explain not even why
'Cause i knew that i wanted to stay with you baby, i knew all that i wanted and

I know,one time,everything,was like i wanted
And everything was so good but,
Please don't ask me why i went away from you eyes,
I know that now i need you now

Rit cori:
Came back my baby, i need you eyes in this night,
We are togheter,forever,i see you in my dreams,
Tonight my baby,i feel you,you're the one tonight,
You're all i need and believe in our life

Waitin'you now,waiting your love oh baby
Waitin'you so without words my baby

Came back to me babe if you love me again
We are here
Everynight i wanna see your eyes on mem,oh boy,oh baby,
Tonight again i can feel you in all my dreams,
Boy you're the one for me,you're everything around me

I know,maybe now you'll be far away,
It's hard to say you now oh boy
I miss you baby now i am,
I'm here yo think about all that you was,that you mean now,for me

Many time,many words said till now,
Thoughts around,fault around me,
Tears goes down,please make feel the rain on me,
Baby you're inside of me

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