History Of A Boring Town

Just talked to this girl who used to live on my street
after all these years you're here and you remember me
She said her old boyfriend
packed up and headed back east
but she always knew someday he would go
she just got a new job but doubts it will last
so lets take a drink and never think
here's to the past
She says it's so funny how life burns out so fast
it's just another wasted day
A boring life in a boring town
with the same old crowd
and I used to say that I'd never stay
but I'm rotting here today
With that same old crowd that's always been around
and I always thought I'd be the first to go
That same old crowd that brings me down
another day in a boring town
And remember when they'd look through you
and then look past me
we were the ones they said would always leave
when you go think of me

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