I have crucified a flower, a red rose
It withers all the year round and blooms only once a year
On day which will be my birth for all worlds that I don't know
Which have been waiting for me bombarding with the light of stars
Lashing down with frost and embracing with tongues of rain
I will die when the rose blooms

The gate is big It reaches to heaven And hell

The first step is difficult Feltering and uncertain
Drunk with the new experience
The gate is big but only a light push is enough and the demons
of dreams become my shield and armor
The guardian angel put to shame falls into the hood of night
Black mirrors reflect hundredfold every silent breath of my thoughts
Feltering hope becomes my command

Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the throne, the
sceptre and the cloakwoven out of blood
Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the cloak woven out
of blood, because of blood I've made the sacrifice

I am the beginning and the power Prefather Cosmose
The gate is big but I move it with a breath of my will
Light kiss of my imagination's lips

Does the night wake up the power? Can the spirit be invoked only
by secular rites? Is there only one path?
The answer is my name
Name written in all books and fragrances of all flowers
Extracted from the inside of woman body Moist and hot
My name - Man! Kneel you idiots, prophets! Kneel you gods!

With a hand stretched out I reach the fruits of knowledge
Bitter Hot Sweet Titbits of the nightmares
I have crucified the rose The gate is big, there is only one path
Kneel you gods! I am the Man!

In a stretched out and weak palm I hold gifts for you
I hold storms, lightnings, rain and sun Incorruptible and eternal
I shall reign again I have always reigned
I am The Man I Am This is how my name sounds
I damned fruit and sceptre, sin and throne Kneel!

And the kingdoms fall and helpless elements cry
Mothers swallow their children because there's nothing left after me
Beggars stretch out their dead hands, women are open and waiting
I enter the beggars, i give alms to the hot wombs
I lay down a new Law Law-Me the gate is big Only I can push it
So kneel you gods, kneel you animals! And kneel you, the farger of the world's history! It's your turn!

In return I shall wash your feet And I shall pierce my side
and flow down only with purple, only with blood
In return I shall forgive you your sins
In return I shall adorn my emples with thorns
In return I shall die three deaths
Kneel you liar!
I am The Man!
I am Everything!

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