Acid Batman

The year: 1967 September 25 Lot 34 in Beverly Hills, California
Hollywood! And the cast of characters Adam West was there, with
his prickly fat ass wedged into grey tights, with his bouncy paunch
hung over his yellowplastic yellow utitility belt And Burt Ward, who
had to have his genitalia taped down with duct tape to hide his frequent
erections It was widely known in Hollywood that the dynamic duo
were the two biggest cokeheads in town In fact, during the entire third
season of filming, the two were always high as a kite They were to
have a great many hallucinations On this date, they decided to have a
little party on the set They were going to ingest a little LSD, and I
ain't talking about the least significant digit, either Let me tell
who was there DeForrest Kelly and John Davidson stopped by Oh,
Fess Parker was there Dennis Weaver Marlo Thomas Robert Clary
aka Colonel Louis LeBeau And Otto Preminger, who had played
Mr Freeze on that night's episode of Batman Well they were all
trippin and tootin in that mobile home that they affectionately
called the Bat-Hole, when, who should wander in but little Jimmy
McCullough, the young son of one of the stagehands I believe he was
the gaffer Adam West shrieked A young pig! Ready to be roasted!
John Davidson stuffed an apple in his mouth and Marlo stuffed him in
the oven In their acid state, they cooked him and they ate him

Well, the reason you've not heard about this story is simple Bill
the show's sleazeball producer, had extensive connections with the mob
He had the entire McCullough family rubbed out, all the way from dad
to dear old grandma in the nursing home Dead men don't talk, you know

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