Shall We Dance

Written by: Malcolm McLaren
Like the man in the moon,
We've just been introduced
I don't know you very well
But I hope to soon
A point of extravagance unequalled in time
Where serious things are done with a sense of play
An ideal romance you might say
Shall we dance like they did in that movie
Shall we dance
You and I
Or should we just pretend it's our first scene
Take a chance
When that last image fades
From the screen
Shall we still be together
And shall you be my new romance
It's not hard to imagine
That this kind of thing can happen
Shall we dance! Shall we dance!
Shall we dance!
Shall we dance like they did in tha movie
You and I
Or should we just begin the last scene
Take a chance
When the last image fades from the screen

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